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def. NeuroBlossom™

1. to EXPAND FUNCTION and OPTIMIZE HEALTH through learning by the nervous system

2. an affirmation of the beauty of the healing and learning processes

Regardless of what approach you take, healing and learning processes are sometimes less than comfortable, yet they are beautiful. Just like watching the petals of a rose unfold, it is exciting to uncover new possibilities by removing layers of neurologic signal faults. NeuroBlossom™ methods are designed to unlock potential, to help you experience your Self and Life in full bloom.

Collaborative & Exploratory Visits



The settled nervous system is naturally attentive and receptive to information. Interference in neurologic signaling caused by signal faults results in learning difficulties. Focus, comprehension, and retention are all optimized by restoring normal neurologic signaling. Visual and auditory processing are common functions for students to optimize with NeuroBlossom methods for peak academic performance.


NeuroBlossom™ methods help students perform at their highest levels.




Peak athletic performance and an active lifestyle require clear neurologic signaling. NeuroBlossom methods go beyond structural aspects of neurologic signaling common to all chiropractic care, by additionally optimizing neurocircuitry with the NIS method and mind-body aspects with a technique called NET.


Breakthrough by Breakthrough

Discover natural solutions... within you!

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Have you looked for relief and still had symptoms? Are you looking for results that last? Do you want to live the most full and vibrant pain free life that you can? At NeuroBlossom Chiropractic, we partner together for your health goals so that you can achieve breakthroughs and sustainable results. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, or optimizing your health and neurology for peak athletic and cognitive performance, our multi-therapeutic approach will help you achieve your health goals.



NeuroBlossom Chiropractic care is non-invasive and suitable for all ages, from babies to seniors. NeuroBlossom™ methods produce powerful, lasting results because they are based on real-time information from your nervous system. DNFT chiropractic adjustments are highly specific, gentle, and effective. Using Neurological Integration System (NIS) and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), you are able to optimize the circuitry of your brain—the command center of your entire body. When neurological blocks are cleared, normal function returns and longstanding symptoms resolve.

Take a moment to imagine…

One year from now, after you have benefited from NeuroBlossom methods.

Next, imagine…

One year from now, if you have done nothing different for your health.

Now ask yourself:


Which outcome do I prefer?

3190 Old Tunnel Rd., Suite B1

Lafayette, CA 94549

Call now to schedule: (925) 310-5314

Experience gentle chiropractic care with no cracking or popping.


We look forward to partnering with you for your health goals!

NeuroBlossom Methods

Types of conditions helped:



Low energy





Difficulty focusing

Sleep issues


Plantar fasciitis


Post-anesthesia symptoms

Developmental issues

Pediatric Needs

Back pain

Neck pain


Joint pain/dysfunction




Digestive issues

Immune issues


Types of results:

Pain relief

Better mood

Improved focus/cognition

Better muscle function/posture

Better sleep

Greater resilience

Decreased inflammation

Improved immunity

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