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EEG Neurofeedback

Due to the limited neurofeedback case load that Dr. Marla is able to maintain, Dr. Marla offers neurofeedback in select cases. She typically encourages candidates for neurofeedback training to first undergo a series of 10+ NIS visits, and to address areas of need in foundational health. Sometimes, patients report that this is enough to resolve the complaints that they sought neurofeedback for. Other times, Dr. Marla has observed that if after these initial efforts, the indications of a need for neurofeedback training remain, patients make faster progress with neurofeedback than if they had not first addressed foundational health needs. She is most likely to accept neurofeedback cases to address dyslexia or traumatic brain injury (TBI)/concussion.

Dr. Marla notes that there are many paths to healing, and that she does her best to point her patients in the direction of the shortest. Sometimes the most effective sequence or combination of approaches may be different from what one may initially imagine.

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