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COVID 19 Safety Info for Visitors

In order to protect the safety of all patients, please do not attend an in-person visit if you believe that you may have or have been recently exposed to COVID-19, or if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Please notify Dr. Marla ahead of time if you will not be attending an appointment for any of these reasons. In such cases and with prior notice, late cancellation fees will be waived. 


Masks continue to be required at all times during your visit. Upon your arrival, we will measure your forehead temperature with an infrared thermometer, and check in about possible COVID-19 symptoms. Hand sanitizer is available.

Dr. Marla is taking COVID-19 safety measures seriously, both in office and out. Office surfaces are sanitized between visits, and Dr. Marla follows risk mitigation guidelines that exceed those recommended by CDC.

Thank you for your understanding of and compliance with these important safety measures.

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